Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We started TBWA to vent about the ineptitude of “President” you-know-who, and over 4 years we snarked, prognosticated, opined and vented about an administration that has not only pushed this country farther down the respectability scale, but also about politics in general.

After the election of Barack Obama, our intent was to stop writing… well, the banality of republicans, and some Democrats we might add, has prompted us to reconsider.

This is what Political Sighs will be about.

From Rush Limbaugh’s eternal-stupidity to CNBC’s right-leaning schlock, from the gop infighting and bashing… Scott and I have realized that we still have a lot to say.

This is also what Political Sighs will be about.

While we overwhelmingly voted for change, a new direction, and, dare we say, 'Hope' for the future.....Scott and I have realized that we still have a lot to say.

So here we are ready to snark, prognosticate, opine and vent all over again. It may be a new blog, but the attitude remains the same…

It’s coming.


John Kelley said...

Seems interesting, I hope you guy start blogging again, I actually had quit and started blogging again as well, pretty much for the same reasons as you. I will be checking in on your site. You should check out my blog tomorrow evening sometime about the Notre Dame Scandal that is brewing with Obama coming to give a speech there.

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